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I think I’m suffering from information overload. The books, blogs, and podcasts are white noise in my brain. My focus is shifty and my thoughts are muddled.

As I thought about this today, God brought my attention to II Kings 4.

The field filled his head.

There is a boy that had apparently died from some sort of head trauma. The malady occurred while he was harvesting in the field. His mother called for Elisha, who in turn came to her house and began to pray for the child.

He stretched and prayed. Then he did it again. The second time he stretched, the child came back to life.

This child sneezed seven times and opened his eyes. His vision was restored after his head was cleared.

Head congestion.

This is a common problem.

It’s my problem.

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Secure leaders are scarce.

February 20, 2012

Pharaoh called Joseph out of prison, asked him for advice, heeded his counsel, and made him second in command.

Pharaoh took his ring off and placed it on Joseph’s hand. He clothed Joseph in royal garments, and commanded the people to bow down to Joseph when he passed by.

When famine finally made the land bare, the people came to Pharaoh crying for bread. He in turn directed them to Joseph: the man he had empowered to handle the famine problem.

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This is Part 8 of the Saturday Sermons series.

Main Point: This message was used to inspire faith in those that have been praying and waiting a long time for their personal promise or prophecy to come to pass. Samuel faithfully served in the temple for 9 years before the Lord revealed Himself to Samuel. The scripture emphasized the word YET. Meaning: it hasn’t happened, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. The notes aren’t that in depth. I didn’t include any conclusion. I concluded this message by having people come to the front and claim the promise that they had been waiting for. I ended the service by them speaking out loud what they were praying for and had them use the word YET. I haven’t seen my child come back into the church … Yet.

Not yet, but it’s not over

Text: I Samuel 3:7,21


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They are a nuisance.

They pop up in conversation.

They start rumors.

They have strong opinions.

They hide behind anonymity.

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I’m learning the art of the apothecary. It’s the most important job that I have as a leader of leaders.

Team leadership is all about chemistry. I will never sacrifice that for talent.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of talent you bring to the table, if those at the table aren’t loyal to each other, respect each other, and like each other: your team isn’t a team.

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No Evidence

January 21, 2012 — Leave a comment

This is Part 7 of the Saturday Sermons series.

Main Point: This is a sinner getter message. Using the classic story of Peter cutting the soldiers ear off, I parallel Jesus’ work then, with what Jesus does for all of us now.

NO Evidence.

Text: Luke 23:50-51

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This is Part 6 of the Saturday Sermons series.

Main Point: We can change the climate of any room or city with our worship. We minister in two realms when we worship. We give God His due glory, and we minister life to anybody that is in the room with us. This is key. We release life by our worship. Our worship can create a climate where miracles are loosed, access is given, and death is replaced with life.


Text: Genesis 1: 8, 31 I Samuel 16:23


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The epistle of Jude begins as most epistles do, with greetings and godly salutations. It is headed in the direction of mercy, peace, and love. Jude states that his intention was to write about the common salvation. It appears that Jude was well on his way in writing this little epistle. The author’s early review of his own letter was that it was just common.

Common is good, but it’s not canon.

Canon is the term used to describe the writings that were considered God breathed and met the criteria for placement into the Bible. Canon literally means measuring rod. Canon is eternal. Canon is impactful. Canon is spiritual.

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Looking back at some of my top viewed blogs posts of this past year, I’ve decided to Re:Post the most viewed posts for 2011. I was an Evangelist for 8 years, and know the ups and downs associated with this calling. This post is a shout out in their honor. Check it out.

I wish I could find an Evangelist that didn’t care how much they were paid

This is the sentiment of a pastor who doesn’t view the office of an evangelist as equal to that of a pastor.

If you’ve been guilty of echoing this statement: you need to repent of your pride and prejudice.

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Looking back at some of my top viewed blogs posts of this past year, I’ve decided to post a few that people really seemed to enjoy. Here’s one that got a lot of response. Check it out.

How I memorize my notes

Public speaking isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a real challenge to address an audience, all the while assessing their level of engagement and edification. There are many distractions to wade through and sometimes work with. This could be noisy children, people moving, or the sound system ringing at deafening decibels.

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