Present Day Patriarchs.

July 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

Patriarchs were men of renown. They are memorialized by the bible (The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). These three were fathers of the faith. David is also called a patriarch in Acts 2:29, as are the twelve sons of Jacob in Acts 7:8.

Patriarchs were men who ruled their families in a godly fashion. They lived incarnational, instructed their family in God’s truths, inspected their family’s spiritual progress, invested their lives in building a godly legacy, and lived irenic.

Why did the concept of a patriarch die with the bible? Is it possible to begin again? I think it is. God is on a mission to get men to step up and lead.

In our church, we challenged the men to become patriarchs of faith. We exhorted them to begin a lasting legacy, which would forever change their families, and the city we live in. Why not?

This post will serve as the table of contents for my Present Day Patriarchs series. The 13 posts reflect the 13 points in the message preached to fathers.

1. Lead with a Limp. 

2. Lead with Vision.

3. Lead with Courage.

4. Quit Running.

5. Weep and Watch.

6. Preach wordless Sermons.

7. Favor the Family.

8. The Precious Perspective.

9. God is the Center.

10. Lead your own Family.

11. Perfect the Pace.

12. Build a house.

13. Pitch a tent – Build an Altar.