7 years in 3 days

May 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

I cannot believe that we are already a week from June.  Where has this year gone?  Looking back over the last couple of months it literally seems like we didn’t even have time to breathe, let alone accomplish all the things on our to-do list.  There have been great times and rough times, mountains and valleys.  And yet, 2011 has felt like just a few days.

In Genesis 29:20 Jacob had just finished 7 years of service, and the bible says, “it seemed unto Jacob but a few days.”  How could 7 years of labor pass that quickly?  Working with sheep isn’t easy work.  There is rough terrain to deal with, wolves to fight off, and weather to endure.  Yet, through all four seasons, Jacob labored, and time seemed to fly by.  How?

Actually, there are several reasons:

1. Jacob was in love.  When love is your motivator, service isn’t drudgery.  Some of us need to return to our first love (Revelation 2:4).  When our hearts are leading the way, our hands will follow.

2. Jacob began the 7-year quest with a goal in mind.  Jacob determined in his heart to marry Rachel.  It is imperative that we are working for something.  Don’t let your labor be in vain because you never named your price.  And since you are naming your price – ask for the pretty one!

3. He lived around Rachel the entire 7 years he was serving.  Therefore, Rachel was constantly in his vision.  When the winter was bitterly cold he could eventually take a peek at Rachel and that alone would bring warmth into his soul.  The momentary micro problems couldn’t compare with his macro vision of a lifetime with Rachel.

4. 7 years is an appointed time.  It is measured.  Jacob knew that one day the service would be over and the celebration would begin.  It is important to keep the end on your mind.

A few extra thoughts:

1. Jacob learned some very valuable lessons during his first 7-year stretch as a shepherd.  Shepherding 101 eventually led him to riches and a legacy for his children.  While you are waiting on your dream to come to pass, don’t waste your experiences, learn and learn some more.

2. When it’s time for your miracle, go after it.  Jacob approached Laban and asked for Rachel the very day his service was fulfilled.  Jacob had authority to do this based on the word of Laban.  Jesus’ word is all the authority you need to stand on when going after your miracle.