All you have – is enough!

June 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

Introspection is tough and humbling. This personal interrogation into the ingredients of your own self can be very intimidating. As you view your tasks, vision, and goals, through the lens of your personal talents: many times we feel inadequate.

Paul even went through this process and asked the question, “Who is sufficient for these things?” Moses asked, “Who am I?” So did Gideon. The best and the brightest in the bible all had times of intimidation and insecurity.

I often go through these moments of self-doubt. I know that God called me to Spokane, but He doesn’t have much to work with, when it comes to my personal talents and abilities. When I consider my vision of thousands of people in the “509” coming to Jesus, and becoming disciples; I feel inferior to the task.

However, I was strengthened recently by reading a parable in Matthew 13:44. A man finds a treasure in a field, and desires to purchase it. The bible never says what the treasure was, or its price tag. The man simply sold all that he had and purchased this treasure. I don’t know how much he had, but what he had was enough!

Whatever the godly treasure is that you desire – it will cost all you have. But be reassured that all you have is enough!

Grasp these 2 principles:

  1. You must not hold back. Give everything you have in service to the kingdom. What’s the point in not risking it all? What do we have to lose? We have everything to gain. Pull out all the stops and go for it.
  2. All you have is enough. God has equipped you with the resources to have your revival. I know you can feel intimidated, but you are inundated with gifts and power from God. Whatever He is calling you to accomplish; know that He has already equipped you for the endeavor. Don’t doubt yourself – doubt your doubt.