Does your Jesus come with a suit bag?

October 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

My father knows how to dress. He looks great in a suit, and knows what suits to buy to match his color. I think that’s great. He also knows that you buy quality, because quality looks better and literally will last you a lifetime.

So him and I were out suit shopping the other day. He grabbed a couple of suits and we headed to the checkout counter. This suit shop is well known. We paid for them, and the attendant handed both suits over the counter in a dry cleaning bag. Not a suit bag. Not even something partially resembling class. We had just laid down some decent coin for these suits and we get them in a dry cleaning bag. You have got to be kidding me! I expected the attendant to act like what we just purchased was the missing ingredient to our skin. At least hint that his suit somehow is going to make our life better. The costly suit came in a cheap dry cleaning bag.

Now all I have been talking about is that fact that we were handed a dry cleaning bag. Not how great the suits were, just the experience that was a let down. You are not just buying a suit; you are there for the experience. Class. It’s the feeling of good material and a better life. Not a dry cleaning bag. I’m used to getting free collar stays, or a free tie, etc, with an expensive purchase. Not a dry cleaning bag.

When we are presenting Jesus to people we need to include the suit bag. We are not just talking about salvation, but “so great salvation“. We are selling a life change. It isn’t the product, but the experience that people are looking for.

Does your Jesus come with a suit bag?

Is your presentation filled with class and competence?

Do people feel like you have bought into what you are selling?

Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon once said about his company, “In the factory Revlon manufactures cosmetics, but in the store Revlon sells hope.” The commodity is a collage of cosmetics, but the product is hope.

Jesus offers hope and much more. 

Does your Jesus come with a suit bag?