Open Hands = Open Doors

May 23, 2011 — Leave a comment

What causes a door to open in the spirit world?  How can we motivate the hand of God to unlock doors and open access into a deeper realm in the spirit?  Should we focus on prayer?  Or maybe constant worship?  Should we fellowship deeper and more often with believers?  What creates openness in God’s Kingdom?

I think I found a key that ensures not just an open door, but a door that stays open and no being or man will have the authority to shut it.  God promised the church at Philadelphia an open door that no man could shut (Revelation 3:8).  This is the only church that was given such a promise.  What was the key?

The answer is found in Paul’s writing to the Corinthian church (II Corinthians 8-9)  He describes a great need that was met by the Philadelphia church.  They financially blessed when they didn’t have an abundance of money to give.  They weren’t giving out of their overflow; rather they gave out of their lack.  It was this sacrificial giving that caused God to say I will open a door that no man can shut.

There is no greater single thing a church can do than to give sacrificially.  Tithing is necessary.  It shows God where your heart is.  But what about the other 90% of your money?  The step beyond giving what is required is giving sacrificially.  Digging into your left over money and giving to a need in the Kingdom of God is tough to do.  But what results!

Not only are the resources used to bless others, but those same resources become a key in the Kingdom of God that opens up areas in your life that were never open before.  Sacrificial giving doesn’t provide temporary favor, instead, giving keeps doors open that generally shut after a few days.  It produces long lasting access into the supernatural.
This is a door that the economy cannot shut.  A door that circumstances cannot shut.  The enemy couldn’t shut this door on his greatest day.  And it all starts with sacrificial giving.
Why don’t you be sensitive to the Spirit this week and allow Him to challenge you in giving sacrificially.  You cannot lose.  You may just have a resurrection!