Joseph’s plan for great revival.

July 26, 2012

Joseph was a man with a plan.

The task that was set before him was vast.

For 7 years the earth was going to bring forth a great harvest of food. The 7 years that follow were going to be barren and the land would be consumed with famine.

Joseph had to store up food during the first 7 years to help all mankind through the 2nd 7 years of drought.

The task set before all churches is to reach as many people as possible before the rapture of the church. We dream of huge facilities, thriving ministries, and teaming thousands of people changed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Joseph built storehouses to hold his future harvest. The facilities were in place. How are we going to fill them up Joseph?

How are we going to make Jesus Famous in our cities?

We know what we want. How do we do it?

We are tempted to match our harvest to the size of our storehouse. We look for the crowds of thousands, or the campaign that fills our seats.

I think we can learn from Joseph and his harvest.

Genesis 41:47 – and in the seven plenteous years the earth brought forth by handfuls.

Joseph made the barns full by the handful.

He didn’t have a miracle harvest wherein all his barns were filled overnight. His barns did get filled: one handful at a time – for seven years.

Genesis 41:49 – And Joseph gathered corn as the sand of the sea, very much, until he left numbering; for it was without number.

Oh – That’s how

His harvest couldn’t be numbered.

That’s the kind of revival we all want.

How did it happen? One handful at a time.

Maybe we need to change our gears a little bit. That one person you are impacting is what leads to the church being full. That neighbor that has a growing interest in the Jesus you serve is the handful that makes the barn full.

Get your hands full:

  1. Open your hands.
  2. This harvest isn’t worked with machinery; you must get your hands dirty.
  3. Pray, God – just give me what I can hold in my hands. Not something that I cannot properly take care of.
  4. The number of hands in the field would be proportionate to the number of barns that would be filled.
  5. We must transition our hands from planting to harvesting. We can pray for revival, but do we know how to reap one?
  6. Never doubt the impact of one handful (one child, one family, one miracle, one neighbor, one bible study).