It’s too risky to play it safe

March 31, 2011 — Leave a comment

The Old Testament system of worship that God established with Moses was amazing. It was graphic, emotional, and alive. Just like it’s supposed to be today.

What is really intriguing to me is the Day of Atonement. On this day, man would meet with God in a special place, in a special way, and if all went according to the plan, God would push man’s sins ahead for one year.

The High Priest was the man appointed to this sacred task. He would follow a pretty extensive procedure, concluding with God meeting him and the nation with mercy. Now, understand, there was great risk attached to this assignment. If God found Israel unrepentant, or if the High Priest didn’t follow the protocol of approach to the letter, the High Priest would be killed by God Himself. That is quite a thing to have hanging over your head as you approach God. Talk about some pre-service prayer.

Do you know that the Old Testament never has any record of a High Priest who refused to go? This event happened every year for over a thousand years and over a thousand times the priest came before God willingly. His own life being at risk, he went anyway. If all doesn’t go according to God’s will I am going to die, but the souls are worth the risk.

When it comes to the salvation of others, what are you willing to risk?

Are you willing to have a door slammed in your face? Are you willing to have some uncomfortable moments in a conversation? What about inviting someone into your home for an evangelistic dinner? How about going to their turf for the sake of evangelism? Could you handle the peer pressure you would experience if you started to preach to people in the context of their culture?

When it comes to the souls of mankind being saved … there is no risk to great.