Inside job

May 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

I am a guy, believe it or not, that likes to iron.  It’s the ritual side of ironing that I really enjoy.  My last few moments before I head to church are spent ironing my clothes and meditating on what I am going to preach.  I love it.  My wife thinks I am crazy for not having her iron, but she has two squirming little girls to get ready, so it’s only fair that I iron.

During my Sunday ritual last week I started to ponder some deep stuff.  Like, why am I ironing the back of the shirt?  Nobody is going to see it.  The back is going to be covered by my suit.  Why was I ironing the sleeves?  I mean, my suit coat will hide them also.  Well, I concluded that while nobody else would care, I care.  As crazy as that sounds, it’s biblilcal.

God instructed Moses to build a box made of wood, covered inside and out with gold.  Now obviously I can see covering the outside of the ark with gold, but the inside?  That is like ironing the back of your shirt.  Nobody is going to ever see the inside of the ark.  Really only the man that built the ark, and Moses should have ever seen the inside of the ark.  So what’s the big deal?  To us, maybe it isn’t a big deal.  But to God, even the hidden things matter.  He wants us to do our best for Him, whether we are seen or not.  Whether we are on a platform or behind a curtain, God wants us to cover our work with gold.  Excellence.

This is a very portable truth, and can be practiced in many areas of our every day life.  I challenge you to examine yourself using four simple questions.

1. How do you represent God as an employee?
2. While the visible side of your life is great, are there any secret sins you need to repent of?
3. While you may attend church (building) faithfully, how faithfully do you live for Jesus outside of church (building)?
4. Do you put as much work and energy into the ministries behind the scenes, as you put forth for the ministries in the public eye?

There are some areas in my life that are in desperate need of gold. How about you?