Got Honey?

May 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

Jacob is in dire straits.  The only man that has food in this world-wide famine is demanding that Jacob let his youngest son, Benjamin, go down to Egypt with his brothers to get food.  If Jacob doesn’t comply with this demand they don’t get any corn.  Adding insult to injury is the fact that Jacob has a son, Simeon, that is in prison in Egypt.  The ruler that is demanding that the youngest son come to Egypt, also imprisoned Simeon, and is holding him until Benjamin shows up.  A very tough and tense circumstance.

The wise old man Jacob submits to the request.  What else can he do?  But the wisdom of Jacob is manifested just before his sons leave on this quest.  Jacob tells them to take along a little honey (Genesis 43:11).  Because this situation is tense, you need to offer some sweetness in the deal.

Tense, is a good word to describe the overall feeling in our world today.  What with the crashing economy, spiritual wickedness, and overall brokenness, our world is tense.  Tons of questions.  Not too many clear answers.  People are being asked to do the unthinkable just to provide for their families these days.  Foreclosure.  Unemployment lines.  What next?

When you are making life-changing decisions, it is good to add a little honey.  Bring along a little honey when you are dealing with frayed relationships.  Pack some honey when you are helping family members that are bound by this or that.  Honey helps.  It lightens the mood.  It quenches that hopeless feeling and adds some peace.  Honey quiets the angry.  Honey brightens the darkest of minds.

Honey helps:

1. When you’ve been in a long battle (I Samuel 14:27).

2. When your children are hurting (I Kings 14:3).

3. When you are helping hurting people (II Samuel 17:29).

Got honey?

P.S. The honey worked for Jacob.  His family was reunited, revived, and relocated to Egypt; where his lost son Joseph provided for them during the remaining years of famine.