I’m for being for

May 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

I’ve been astonished lately by the amount of church groups that are united by what they are against.  For example, some churches are against preachers wearing jeans in the pulpit,  etc.  Whether it is magazines, sermons, or blogs, they make it plain that they are against a plethora of things.  How can you possibly keep something united if your basis for unity is what you fight against?

I think that this ideology can lead to problems of pride.  It can raise a culture of Pharisees.  In the name of unity it might lead to great chasm and division.

What about uniting over the things that we are for?  We all are against certain things, but there will always be somebody either harder or more lenient than you; why not unite over reaching a lost world?  Let us join hands in making Jesus famous in our cities.

It would be impossible to keep an updated list of things you are against in this society.  Something sinful or ungodly is seemingly created every minute.  Join hands with other disciples that are pursuing the Holy one, and that pursuit will lead you to purity.  The Jesus in you will lead you in paths of righteousness.  Perhaps you will have your eyes so focused on Him that you won’t have time to notice the speck in your brothers eye.

It’s noteworthy that according to Ezra and Nehemiah, it was easier for the children of Israel to build walls then it was to build temples.  Walls are important.   We need to live a holy and godly life; but building temples should be our priority.  I’m for people being so full of the Holy Ghost that they don’t have room for the impurities of our world.

The problem that Israel ran into was that they joined together to build the walls of Jerusalem in 52 days, but left the temple unfinished for 15 years.  Isn’t that backwards?  Shouldn’t we unite around building the Spiritual?  Isn’t that a cause worthy of unity?  I’m for building fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

What are you for?