Coat of many Colors

May 11, 2011 — Leave a comment

Joseph was highly favored by his father.  This favor was exemplified by the coat that his father had made for him.  It was a coat of many colors.  This coat was a manifestation of the blessing Joseph had been given by his daddy, Jacob.

His brothers stole this coat off of his back.  It was a mark of contention between brethren.

This coat was torn and soiled by the blood of an innocent animal.

The rending of this coat brought many years of sorrow to Jacob.

The mark of favor on a church is still the mantle of many colors consisting of unique cultures, individuals, and backgrounds.  If your church doesn’t have the look of many colors, I question whether or not it is favored.  You need a little red, white, black, yellow, brown, etc.  This is a mark of favor from the Father.

The moment you accept this mantle on your church, supposed brethren will fight you.  It will be a mark of contention and strife.  Yet, it will always remain the mark of favor.  Those that tear this coat are bringing sorrow to our Father.  Innocent blood is being shed, and betrayal and bondage are often the results.

ConnectPoint, I am proud of our coat of many colors.  Let us continue to wear it proudly.