A lesson from Bible Tribes gone viral.

July 28, 2011 — Leave a comment

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the quality of Bible’s and their bindings have plummeted considerably. Back in my father’s younger years, he had Bibles bound in sealskin, goatskin, and the like. Now the options are either pleather (fake leather), or bonded leather (these Bibles “work in” about as good as a cardboard baseball mitt). My life changed 2 years ago when I stumbled onto a group of guys that are passionate about Bibles and their bindings. I was introduced to full yapp (which is when the edges of the Bible touch all the way around the Bible, thereby protecting the pages while looking organic), goatskin, calfskin, and deerskin; by makers such as, R L Allan, and Cambridge.

I found Local Church Bible Publishers to be an outstanding resource. They only offer KJV, but their bibles are top notch. The executive and designer series are made of calfskin and top-grain cowhide, leather lined, and come with 2 ribbons. Their prices are amazing (their most expensive bibles are $57), and I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a bible that will last a lifetime.

To me a well worn bible is a treasure. Your notes are written in the margin and you can find Amos on Sunday mornings without having to search for twenty minutes. If your cover is falling apart and your pages are coming loose, there is hope! I have found Leonards Books to be a great re-binder. They have an excellent selection of supple leather covers, and they can re-cord your loose pages. The one issue I have with them is they don’t use leather lining. That may not be a big deal to you, and if it’s not, go for it! Your old bible will have new life, and ultimately your children will have the honor of receiving your note filled bible someday.

I now own two goatskin, one deerskin, two calfskin, and one lambskin Bible. Leather lined Bibles are like liquid in your hand, and now they are a must for any Bible I pursue. And of course, full yapp, is something I can’t live without. Ribbons? One isn’t enough, neither are two. I generally have three or four. This little tribe of Bible gurus has changed my perspective about Bibles altogether.

What I began to notice through sites like, bibledesignblog.com, and evangelicalbible.com, was that this tribe of people slowly began to reverse the present trend of mediocre Bibles. Slowly, Bible companies began to listen to the wishes of this tribe. Now, there are quite a few Bibles on the market that are full yapp, leather lined, with a range of great leathers to choose from. A select group of people, passionate about their Bibles, has revolutionized the Bible industry. That is the power of a tribe.

Tribes of people are changing a broad range of things all over this planet. Whether they are passionate about Bibles, Apple computers, or the latest fashions; they are having an incredible impact on our economy.

The local church is really a tribe of people. They live by certain codes, theology, philosophy, mission, and their views of Jesus. And just like any tribe, they have the power to make an incredible impact in their world. A tribe can start small and go viral in a matter of days. Just a few radically connected and committed people can birth a movement that impacts the world.

What kind of impact is your church tribe making? Is your tribe passionate about their cause? What else could they be doing to draw others into the tribe? Is the reason your tribe exists clear and focused? Does your tribe help or hinder outsider’s views of Jesus? Does your tribe understand the power of a church?

If the cause that connects your tribe is vital, it should go viral.