10 things to learn from Snowmen this Christmas: 2011 Re:Post

December 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

Looking back at some of my top viewed blogs posts of this past year, I’ve decided to post a few that people really seemed to enjoy. Here’s one that got a lot of response. Check it out.

10 things to learn from Snowmen this Christmas

1. Stay well rounded.

2. Learn to keep your cool – meltdowns are devastating.

3. Allow others to take part in shaping who you are.

4. A good purpose in life is to bring cheer to others.

5. When you are in your season – make the most of it.

6. Life is short.

7. Always reach out.

8. If your head gets too big you’ll fall.

9. Stick with your family.

10. Stand at night: even when nobody notices.

and one extra…

11.  To grow in life, you’ve got to learn to roll with it.