Recipe for a growing marriage.

October 26, 2012

Post by Michael Glover

My wife and I just celebrated two years of marriage.

These past two years, she and I have faced countless challenges, some of them resulting from our own differences and some hitting us unexpectedly – things we did not see coming.

It’s not always been wedding bells and honeymoon style love. Well … yeah, no!


However, somewhere in the middle of the highs and lows we encountered, together (sometimes on the same day), we planted the root values of our marriage on the common ground we shared together.

Through hard work, and patience our love grew into something stronger than either one of us. We have watered it with love, tears, failures, respect, battles won, some lost and some won by not engaging in them at all.

And through it all, our roots have grown deep and strong, partly because we daily exercised diligence in watering them.

However, our hard work together did not make our relationship strong. It was the light of the Word and the firm foundation we established our marriage upon: which is Christ Jesus our Lord. This gave us the ability to grow together, while our roots grew stronger and dug deeper.

Reading His Word gave us vision for our future, while feeding and sustaining us in our present.


Standing on His firm foundation has strengthened and held us sure, until our roots grew strong enough and were able to support growth.

You see we realized real quick that our honeymoon wasn’t going to keep our marriage healthy, and memories of yesterday wouldn’t either, but if we kept going, day-by- day…

Never overlook the power of day-by-day. It turns into years, which results in strong, unshakeable relationships, from which you both share in the labor and reward.

What did the bible say about Enoch? (Genesis 5:25 KJV), “And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.”


It’s not Hollywood material.

Lower-case boring.

But … day-by-day your mustard seed, grows into a shrub, then a bush, then a tree, then the Kingdom of Heaven!

Day-by-day starts with faith and ends with charity, and, “an entrance…into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord…” (2 Peter 1:5-11 KJV)

Water Daily

My brother recently planted a variety of trees, shrubs and plants in both his front and back lawns. Until the roots begin to take hold and grow strong, that beautiful landscape he planted is in danger of being rooted up each time the bi-polar weather that is Spokane, changes her (ouch) mood. If it stays 100+ for a week or so without Greg watering them, they will dry up and wither.

What a buzz kill for Greg! All the research and shopping, the hard work planting each of them, making sure there was enough soil to pack around the roots, and bracing to support the trees, and shrubs, would have been destroyed by the first good storm they encountered, not even a tough storm, just your average bad day.

Isn’t it amazing that good weather can kill your trees, shrubs and plants? You see if you only water your plants during the bad days, when the good days come, your plants will soon run out of water, and not have enough stuff in their stuff to make it.

That’s why we hear about the perfect couple in the perfect house showing each other perfect love, unexpectedly filing for divorce. Why?

They didn’t continue day-by-day. As a result, their roots dried up.

One day they realized their ‘first love’ was no longer alive. They no longer loved each other.

You don’t realize you’ve lost it, until you realize you’ve lost it.

My Bishop sent my wife and me congratulations on our two-year anniversary.

In the message he wrote, “My sweet wife has put up with me for 18,727 days as of today …”

Together and day-by-day