The Christmas Party Hat Mantra: Have you donned yours?

December 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

I saw Dennis Hopper in the Chicago O’Hare airport.

The only words I heard him say to his friends as he beamed his trademark smile were, “I’ve got my party hat on!”

He didn’t actually have a hat on, but he looked happy and ready to have fun.

His phrase has turned into a mantra for my brother’s and I.

Party Hat?

If we are meeting up with each other, or one of us has something exciting going on, we ask if they have donned their party hat yet?

No we don’t actually have party hats.

It’s a state of mind.

It means we are prepared to have a good time wherever we are. No matter what else happens, our party hats are donned and we are ready to enjoy the moment.

Christmas Party Hat

This leads me to ask you, “Have you donned your party hat yet?”

What other hats need to come off to make room for your party hat?

During the hyperactivity of the Christmas season we often are guilty of having more stress than smile. We worry about the presents, the gatherings, and the long lines.

Slow down. Breathe in and out. Put your party hat on. Start a flash mob.

The Party Hat Mantra:

1. I will not sweat the small stuff. Your parking spot will get stolen, people will cut in front of you in line, but this won’t bother you: you have your party hat on.

2. I will be social with tangible people. I won’t worry about my Facebook status, or Twitter count. I will spend meaningful moments with the friends and family that are sitting around my table.

3. I will be generous. Giving to strangers, the bell ringers, and the neighbors, causes the Grinch in us to shrivel up and die.

4. I will smile for the camera. Bring on the pictures. These memories are priceless.

5. I will eat entire tins of butter cookies. Your New Year’s resolution for exercise will counterbalance a few extra cookies. Have you ever heard of blow it days? Why not make it a week?

6. I will leave my Christmas tree up until February. Why not? They are prettier than Hobby Lobby palm trees.

7. I will drive around and look at Christmas lights. This adventure for the entire family is rewarding. You’ll be amazed at the Christmas spirit in your city.

8. I will say, “Yes Dear!” Need I say more?

9. I will only listen to Christmas music. That’s like a giant vocal hug.

10. I will play games. This is good old-fashioned family fun. It’s not about winning.

11. I will talk about old times. Reminiscing is refreshing. You’ll be talking about this year, next year. Remember that time at…

12. I will celebrate Jesus. Read the Christmas story as a family. Take time to thank Jesus for the moments that take your breath away.

13. I will look for Christmas miracles. This can be anything from a renewed friendship to a super sale on the perfect gift for that special someone.

14. I will stay up late. Enjoy as many hours with your family as possible. Christmas is Sunday, but Monday’s coming.

15. I will LOL. Laugh. And then laugh again.