50 women that remind me of my Mother.

May 12, 2013

Alicia Glover is a hero of mine.

My brother’s and I were graced to have her as our Mother. She’s was always present. She was there. Married to the same man for 39 years. Screaming from the stands at sporting events. In the hospital. At the altar. She made our family a family. She’s beautiful. Her sense of humor is awesome. She loves the color blue. She can answer just about any question on any subject.

I can’t describe her in any light that would do her justice. The only thing I can do is be thankful. I thank God for her.

Studying for my Mother’s day message lent me the opportunity to shine the spotlight on a few different woman. Some notable, some not. I kept thinking about Mom. So I started writing this list…

  1. Like Eve – She believes her children were from the Lord.
  2. Like Sarah – She is beautiful at any age.
  3. Like Eunice – She passed her faith onto her children.
  4. Like Rebekah – She had twins that have literally fought from their mothers womb!
  5. Like Mary – She stayed with her children through the darkest moments that life had to offer.
  6. Like Mary of Bethany – She can be found at Jesus’ feet.
  7. Like Bathsheba – She is at the throne of the King on behalf of her children.
  8. Like the Shunammite – She takes hospitality to a whole nutha level.
  9. Like Phebe – She serves the church.
  10. Like Miriam – She can play and lead others in worship.
  11. Like Deborah – Everybody remembers her singing.
  12. Like Ruth – She is a true friend.
  13. Like Vashti – She is modest in any setting.
  14. Like Abigail – Her council is sensible.
  15. Like Priscilla – She is a home bible study teacher.
  16. Like Esther – She can prepare a feast fit for a king.
  17. Like Huldah – She knows how to dress her man.
  18. Like Noah’s Wife – She has given her life to building the church.
  19. Like Rachel – She has paid the price to produce power.
  20. Like Salome – She has a sweet fragrance in her attitude.
  21. Like Elizabeth – She’s a pastor’s wife that sees the Jesus in people.
  22. Like Rufus’ mother – She has many that look to her as their mother too.
  23. Like Manoah – She leads her children by example.
  24. Like Mrs. Proverbs 31 – She is multi-talented.
  25. Like Rizpah – She’ll never quit protecting her children.
  26. Like Hannah – She covers her children.
  27. Like the Upper Room women – She’s filled with the Holy Ghost.
  28. Like Naomi – She’s a caring Grandmother.
  29. Like Martha – She can cook so good Jesus can’t stay away.
  30. Like Jael – She can fight hell.
  31. Like the Hebrew women – She’s lively.
  32. Like Shiphrah – She helps other mothers out.
  33. Like Jochebed – She trained her boys right.
  34. Like Zipporah – She doesn’t seek the spotlight.
  35. Like Anna – She encourages those facing life’s toughest moments, at the instant they need it most.
  36. Like Phillip’s Daughters – She operates in the gifts of the Spirit.
  37. Like Mary, John Mark’s mother – Her house is a house of prayer.
  38. Like Achsah – She is bold in her prayers.
  39. Like Tabitha – She is a disciple.
  40. Like Hogla – She values her parent’s heritage.
  41. Like Joanna – She values the body of Christ.
  42. Like Zeruiah – Her 3 sons are crazy!
  43. Like Lydia – She’s been judged faithful to the Lord.
  44. Like Rebekah’s mother – She believes in her children’s future.
  45. Like Leah – She’s first to praise.
  46. Like Elisheba – She’s felt the pain that comes with being in the ministry. But she’s stuck with it and with her man.
  47. Like Sherah – Her handprints are on the community.
  48. Like Mary Magdalene – For Jesus, She’s the last to leave and the first to show up.
  49. Like the Elect Lady – She reads the Bible.
  50. Like the Queen of Sheba – She’s a Queen!