My girls’ Mommy

May 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

I am willing to raise my right hand and solemnly swear that I don’t know how to create any style at all for my daughters’ hair.  I will also swear that I can’t cut their food up into little perfect pieces.  I don’t know what outfit will look perfect for a particular day.  I don’t know the best snack for the worst of times.  Believe me … this list could go on and on.

God was good enough to bless me with a great wife that does have the answer to all these dilemmas.  How does she know every thing to do at the right moment?  How she keeps the patience of Job when I’m losing my religion?  I will never know.

I do know she is a godly mother.  I do know that she prays fervently over our growing daughters.  She can feel every one of their pains, she can’t sleep when they can’t sleep.  She laughs with them and does crazy … just like they do.  She actually studies to learn how she can become an even better mother.  I like to observe my three ladies when they don’t know I’m watching.  The scene is always full of laughs, tenderness, and tangible affection.  What a great mommy!

Looking at her through the lens of scripture, many comparisons come to mind:

1. She has hope like Rizpah.

2. She has the virtue of Vashti.

3. She has the grace of Hannah.

4. She has the truth like Lois.

5. She is a christian like Mary.

6. She has the hospitality of the Shunammite.

7. She takes care of her family like the Proverbs 31 woman.

8. She crowns her children like Bathsheba.

9. She desires that her children would be close to Jesus like Mary, the mother of James and John.

10. She like Leah prays for a great marriage to be modeled before her children.

11. She like Jochebed protects her children.

12. She is hot like Sarah … just lost my train of thought.

I will say again … Thank God for my Daughters’ Mother.