Marriage Bytes.

August 26, 2011 — Leave a comment

My parents have always modeled before my brothers and I what a successful godly marriage looks like. They have been hitched for 37 years; and are ready for another 37. I both admire them and try to assimilate their advice into my own marriage. Instead of guessing what their strategy was, I asked them to give me some byte-sized reasons why their marriage has been so great.

These 13 bytes are relevant concepts, and simple keys, that unlock the mysteries of marriage. These principles could be the frame work for a book called Marriage Bytes. This book would bring focus and clarity to the most important of human relationships.

The book may never materialize, but here are their marriage bytes for better or for worse.

Marriage Bytes:

1. We both give 100% to our marriage, not 50-50.

2. Our relationship is the most important to us of all our relationships, including our children and parents.

3. Honesty is the only policy in our marriage.

4. The closer we each get to God the closer we get to each other.

5. There is no one else on Earth that we’d rather spend time with than each other.

6. We have learned to compensate for one another’s weaknesses.

7. We have never been apart longer than two weeks.

8. He has always been an excellent provider, and I have always been a keeper of our home.

9. We have always attempted to practice the Golden Rule.

10. We pray daily for each other.

11. There have been many times we’ve been angry with one another, but have resolved the issues every time.

12. Compromise is a good thing in marriage!

13. Sex may not be the most important part of marriage but it is important!