Kahina: The best game you’ve never played

October 13, 2012

 This is a post by Michael Glover

My brothers and I grew up in Ketchikan, AK. Talk about rain!

Legend has it Ketchikan was established when Tlingit’s (Native Alaskan tribe, of which I am ¼ and … do not get me started) were travelling by. It started raining, so the Chief told his tribe they would stop there (Ketchikan) until it stopped raining. Ha-ha … it never did … get it?

We grew up in the rain. Hunted, fished, played baseball and football in it. Played in it, went to school … you get the idea.


Greg and Geoff (my younger brother, full-time teacher, full-time pastor, AK/Yukon Youth President, least attractive of the Glover boys, best fighter) and I invented a game we named Kahina.

Let me break it down. Our house had a wooden fence in the front yard. The road was about 15 yards in front of that. There were two bigger mailboxes (two big ones, the entire neighborhood used) across the street.

This is how Kahina worked. We would either sit on top of the mail boxes, or stand next to them and when a car would start coming down the road, we would yell “Kahina!” cruise across the street, jump our wooden fence and hide until it drove by. Get up head back down to the mailboxes and wait for the next car. We loved it!

One of many games the Glover boys invented. Our friends played it with us. Tight!


We grew up without TV or video games (not making a point, just stating the fact).

I am thankful we did, because we learned that our imaginations gave us unlimited ideas for things to do.

Imaginations, especially developed early, open someone up to the idea that they can entertain themselves.

Parents, if you want your kids to grow into adults who ‘think outside the box’, let them exercise their imaginations early in life.

We invented all kinds of games that looking back, made zero sense, but as kids, we loved them.

It’s amazing how kids can have an absolute blast doing something as stupid as sitting on a mail box, seeing a car, yelling “Kahina!”, running across the road, jumping the fence, hiding until the car goes by….and doing it again!


Even harder to understand is how our friends, who had TV and video games, would join us and love it too.


Or is it?