General John Glover

July 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

We have a great-great-great … Grandfather that we are quite proud of, General John Glover.  He fought alongside George Washington when the revolutionaries were fighting for freedom.  During the Revolutionary war, he was a hero of heroes.  Many of his daring actions resulted in great conquests for our great country.  He was a personal friend of George Washington, a fearless leader, and a devoted husband.  Here on the 4th of July, I look back a few hundred years and pause to give this great man honor.

I don’t know how great his vision was, but I doubt he was able to see this far into the future.  When he fought through the bitter cold and had the courage to face what seemed to be certain death, I doubt he knew just how far reaching his efforts would be.  Now, hundreds of years later, I am totally free and very proud to be an American.  Freedom is never free.  I thank God for our Veterans. I thank God for America!

Spiritual battles are fought for all generations.  We don’t battle for ourselves only, but for those yet to be created (Psalms 102:17-18).  There are things that God does for us presently, that He wants us to memorialize forever (Joshua 4:1-7).  God uses our testimonies to establish the generations that have yet to be born (Psalms 78:3-7).  The spiritual enemies we displace through our faith and prayer in spiritual warfare blesses the next generation with peace and joy (I Chronicles 4:40).

Hundreds of years after General John Glover fought for this country, I am reaping the benefits.

I am determined to leave a lasting footprint in my family’s genealogy.  Let our spiritual legacies be rich and long lasting.