2 battle fronts – 2 battle plans.

May 31, 2011 — Leave a comment

David and Solomon are two of the greatest kings to grace the pages of scripture. For sure a father and son duo that forever changed the nation of Israel.

While they are related, they had two very different experiences in their respective kingship. While David is known for his many battles, Solomon had no such battles.

Actually, through David’s exploits, the borders of Israel were expanded, and some long time rivals were expelled. Solomon never went to war, nor did he ever command a military that fought for their nation.

Therefore, David is known for being a warrior. He is known for fighting Goliath, killing a lion and a bear, and defeating whatever nation stood in his way.

Solomon is known for his wisdom. This wisdom carried with it an added blessing called understanding. While Solomon never went to battle with outside adversaries, he did battle against enemies that were inside his own kingdom.

Two different battle fronts. Two different battle plans.

We all fight against principalities and powers. The devil is our adversary that goes about seeking whom he may devour. He is out to seek, kill, and destroy. This means you and yours are his target. The city you are trying to reach for Jesus is his playground. We must be warriors when we fight this battle and engage in this spiritual warfare.

We also have friends that may betray us.  Inside our families there can arise treachery and trauma. People in your church may be against you for personal, political, or pompous reasons. You must use wisdom to fight this battle.

Outside Strategies:

  1. Understand first of all that your enemy the devil is fighting for keeps. You are in a war. (Goliath would have made Israel servants)
  2. You must have a strategy to fight this enemy. The bible is your textbook, prayer is your power, and your brother is your ally.
  3. Don’t be satisfied with partial victories in battle, but completely defeat your adversary at whatever level you are fighting on. (Cut Goliath’s head off)
  4. The blood needs to be pleaded in prayer over your children.
  5. There is a difference between preparation and actual participation in warfare. Be prayed up and ready for every service you attend. The guests that are there are souls that the devil has in his grasp; this is no time to get ready, you must already be ready for battle. Preparation is done in private, participation is in the public arena.
  6. As a warrior you keep yourself fit.
  7. When you gain ground – occupy it. Build borders of protection around it.

Inside Strategies:

  1. Generally, you are dealing with other brothers and sisters. Always work for restoration and not annihilation.
  2. You don’t fight inside battles like you fight outside battles. Here you must use wisdom and understanding.
  3. If it’s not in your friends’ character to make the mistake they made, give them a mulligan; meaning, let them have a do over. Give them another chance.
  4. There are some people whose influence you need to diminish in your life. This gets tricky if they go to your local church.  Always be courteous and kind, but seek out those who can make a positive impact.
  5. Just like Jesus does with us, give everyone a chance to repent. This doesn’t mean that you put them back in the personal position they once occupied in your life.
  6. Trust but verify.
  7. Forgiving is wise, trusting requires you to use understanding. Not everybody you forgive should be trusted.