Affairs are expensive.

August 5, 2011 — Leave a comment

It is alarming to see the masses of married men and women willing to risk their marriage and relationship with God for a temporary thrill. Having sex with somebody who is not your spouse, virtual relationships, and emotional affairs are becoming commonplace in the church. It’s sad to see the devastation that occurs in such instances. A marriage broken, plus children divided, and a relationship with God forfeited. All for a few moments of pleasure that you should be having with your spouse anyway.

Genesis 38 paints a picture of what an individual can lose with a quick affair. Judah entered into a relationship with a harlot on the side of the road. In actuality it was his daughter-in-law posing as a prostitute; but that’s another thought for another time. To secure this affair Judah had to give this harlot a few personal items in order to get his moment of pleasure. The price for an affair is paid with the things that were once precious to you.

For a moment of lust look what Judah was willing to give up:

I. Signet ring – used for impressing his signature into the clay tablets of the times; it represented his person, and power.

II. Bracelets – probably a valued chain of gold; they represented his possessions.

III. Staff – this marked him as a shepherd. In ancient times many people carried a staff, often carved with some identifying symbol such as an animal, a flower, or a bird. The staff represented his position. Also, this staff represented stability.

IV. Kid – a kid from the flock was given away as well. Obviously representing the children sacrificed for a moment of pleasure. Don’t buy into the idea that your affair won’t affect your children: it will.

Judah gave all of this for a moment of passing passion. Your lust won’t be satisfied, and what is lost will probably take years to be restored. It’s too expensive to have an affair. The emotional connection made through extra-marital relationships, mar and scar your marriage. The hurt you inflict upon yourself and your spouse is long lasting. The side effects are devastating. Your children are torn apart along with your marriage.

Spend more time with your own spouse. Make a covenant with your eyes that you will not look lustfully upon anyone other than your spouse. Flee youthful lusts. Get an accountability partner who will track your online habits. Get counseling before it’s too late.

I counsel people in this scenario more than any other life situation. Please consider the price before you spend your life savings.