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Alicia Glover is a hero of mine.

My brother’s and I were graced to have her as our Mother. She’s was always present. She was there. Married to the same man for 39 years. Screaming from the stands at sporting events. In the hospital. At the altar. She made our family a family. She’s beautiful. Her sense of humor is awesome. She loves the color blue. She can answer just about any question on any subject.

I can’t describe her in any light that would do her justice. The only thing I can do is be thankful. I thank God for her.

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My wife and I just celebrated two years of marriage.

These past two years, she and I have faced countless challenges, some of them resulting from our own differences and some hitting us unexpectedly – things we did not see coming.

It’s not always been wedding bells and honeymoon style love. Well … yeah, no!


However, somewhere in the middle of the highs and lows we encountered, together (sometimes on the same day), we planted the root values of our marriage on the common ground we shared together.

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Do you have a Person?

October 24, 2012

Post by Michael Glover

In the TV series, “Grey’s Anatomy”, the main character Meredith Grey becomes best friends with Cristina Yang. It’s a unique friendship. Meredith is a woman trying to find her place in the world, while dealing with her childhood. On the other hand, Cristina is intense, career driven and determined to become the best cardiothoracic surgeon in the world.

Despite their differing personalities and goals, they develop a very close relationship. They define their relationship with the simple phrase, “you’re my person”.

These two challenge each other; always hold the other accountable for their actions and for reaching their full potential. They help each other through the tough times, become strong when the other is weak and encourage each other to keep going when the going gets tough.

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 This is a post by Michael Glover

My brothers and I grew up in Ketchikan, AK. Talk about rain!

Legend has it Ketchikan was established when Tlingit’s (Native Alaskan tribe, of which I am ¼ and … do not get me started) were travelling by. It started raining, so the Chief told his tribe they would stop there (Ketchikan) until it stopped raining. Ha-ha … it never did … get it?

We grew up in the rain. Hunted, fished, played baseball and football in it. Played in it, went to school … you get the idea.


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This is a post by Michael Glover

With my son Jackson Gregory soon to arrive via UPS or however he’s getting here. I have been thinking about all the traditions Megan and I will continue and start with him.

Traditions are great; they help kids define who they are and what their family believes. It’s important for children to join in with their parents carrying on whatever traditions they have, or are starting. It’s all about getting a sense of family and belonging.


About this time every year, my little brother, Geoff, starts sending little reminder texts of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the tradition we established years ago. Every thanksgiving, the Glover boys whether together or apart, watch the movie “Hoosiers”. Why? It’s our tradition.

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 This is a post by Michael Glover

While I was in Ft. Sam, TX, I had a sergeant who often finished disciplinary instruction to his soldiers by saying, “Good talk”.

I remember one time in particular, we were out “in the field”. I happened to be monitoring radio communications (coms) in the operations tent. One of his high maintenance soldiers came in to speak with him and before she could say anything, Sgt. C said, “Smith don’t start, turn around and leave.” Then he looked at me and said, “Good talk.”

Good talk.

Thinking back on my life, I’ve had many conversations, but not too many, “Good talks.”

Good talk.

I think a good talk can change your life.

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I was blessed to have exceptional parents. As a team, they led my brother’s and I through the different stages of childhood and then finally manhood.

Father’s day is Sunday, therefore I want to highlight some of the things I learned from my father.

My father was the only person in his family to find Jesus. He lived for Jesus in the worst of environments. He was faithful to Jesus throughout the trying teen years. He accepted his call to preach, married a beautiful lady, and had three sons. He has built churches both physically and spiritually. All while working full time as a elementary school teacher.

He is the type of dad that can fix anything and do anything.

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Daddy's a Preacher: Pastor Greg Glover

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Looking back at some of my top viewed blogs posts of this past year, I’ve decided to post a few that people really seemed to enjoy. Here’s one that got a lot of response. Check it out.

10 things to learn from Snowmen this Christmas

1. Stay well rounded.

2. Learn to keep your cool – meltdowns are devastating.

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I saw Dennis Hopper in the Chicago O’Hare airport.

The only words I heard him say to his friends as he beamed his trademark smile were, “I’ve got my party hat on!”

He didn’t actually have a hat on, but he looked happy and ready to have fun.

His phrase has turned into a mantra for my brother’s and I.

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