Staff Infection

September 12, 2011 — Leave a comment

Can you imagine going to the hospital for one problem and getting a whole new problem just from being a patient in the wrong place at the right time? Many do.

It’s called Staph infection. 2 million people get it at the hospital every year. 100,000 of those infected will die from the disease. Staph infection is obviously a dangerous problem. MRSA is actually a strain of these bacteria.

Staph is generally passed from person to person.

The irony of this infection is that most of those inflicted are at the hospital for healing. The hospital is a place of healing and recovery. It is also a place of infection.

The church (the greatest healing place) can have outbreaks of  staff infection. Just as deadly and widespread as any Staph infection – and it also kills. People come to meet Jesus and get their hurts healed, and they end up running into people that make them worse.

Staff infection Strains:

1. Single-issue voters. People that are always debating their issues. These are generally secondary truths that are elevated into a primary position.

2. Territorialism. Some personnel love their position – too much. Coaching doesn’t happen. The lid of leadership is placed just under their feet. They don’t allow others to excel.

3. Micro-managers. This problem arises whenever a leader doesn’t trust any other leaders. Every little detail must be done exactly the way they do it. The creative gene is destroyed before any new leaders can emerge.

4. Ventriloquists. These people put their words into others mouths. They say what they want to say: they just blame it on what they heard somebody else say.

5. Rebellion. Some people never come under the elder’s authority. They don’t agree with them on doctrinal issues. There are many conversations behind closed doors that the pastor isn’t privy to; others start to agree with the individual causing the dissension, and the infection spreads.

6. Jealousy. The leadership shows others more attention than they show you. Perhaps you feel they are partial, prejudice, prideful, etc. They become jaded and color everything they touch with the emerald green of envy.

7. Passive Aggression. Another leader sees that something is amiss with you. The leader has a face-to-face meeting with you. You don’t say what you really feel and think. The leader leaves the meeting feeling like everything has been sorted out; you still have your issues because you didn’t get them out in the open and talk about them. So eventually, you start talking behind closed doors.

These issues are a microcosm of the macro problem. I’m sure you could add something to this list. Please do so in the comment section.

Staff infection must be intentionally and incrementally cleansed. Through tough conversations and confrontations the crisis can be minimized. Be a part of the movement that hungers for genuine love and authenticity amongst believers.