Are you suffering from information overload? Sneeze to see

February 23, 2012

I think I’m suffering from information overload. The books, blogs, and podcasts are white noise in my brain. My focus is shifty and my thoughts are muddled.

As I thought about this today, God brought my attention to II Kings 4.

The field filled his head.

There is a boy that had apparently died from some sort of head trauma. The malady occurred while he was harvesting in the field. His mother called for Elisha, who in turn came to her house and began to pray for the child.

He stretched and prayed. Then he did it again. The second time he stretched, the child came back to life.

This child sneezed seven times and opened his eyes. His vision was restored after his head was cleared.

Head congestion.

This is a common problem.

It’s my problem.

Sometimes you can’t see the field because of the sheaves.

With our heads down, we wade into the sheaves and begin plucking at a furious pace. Another meeting, somebody else that needs counsel, a hospital visit or two, and the week is gone. Then it’s time for us to hammer out our Sunday sermon.

Add in the blogs, books, and podcasts that are challenging us to tweak this and work on that.

It builds up.

It congests our minds.

Is there a remedy?


Clear the mechanism.

Plan into your calendar, head clearing moments. This is a time to pursue clarity.


Sneeze out.

Clear your head.

Open your eyes with renewed vision.

Now you can see the field.

Working on the field is important. Working in the field is also essential.

The macro view of the field enables you to work better in the micro realm.

You will be working from a vantage point of vision and won’t be so easily distracted by the tyranny of the urgent.

This is a good weekly practice  for team leaders, pastors, parents, and spouses.

It’s God’s vision for your life that you need to heed.

Everything else is secondary.