Good news for Shepherds

December 5, 2012

Many late nights watching over the flock: an apt description of many pastors. There are a lot of sheep to watch over and plenty of looming issues that need to be warded off.

Counting sheep never puts a pastor to sleep. Hours are spent thinking about what you could have said and what you should have done.

Good News!

Recall that night when the shepherds were watching over their flocks by night?

The night sky erupted with lights and angels. The startled shepherds looked up with awe and wonder. A voice pierced the silence and proclaimed good news. A Savior was born. This Savior would bring good tidings and great joy to all people.

Shepherds, there is a Savior – and you’re not Him.

That’s good news indeed.

Take a load off

Every once in awhile, late night shepherds need to remember this fact. You can guide and lead, but salvation is His department. Take that weight off of your shoulders.

When joy and good news are seemingly estranged from your household; remember that Jesus is the Savior of your flock.

When the person you’ve spent hours mentoring and discipling turns their back on you and the church; remember that Jesus is their Savior.

For the naughty and nice: Jesus is the Savior.

Shepherds need to hear this.

You need some sleep too!