Saturday Sermons

November 18, 2011 — Leave a comment

I have a little ritual on Saturdays. I text a group of friends and ask them what they are going to be preaching on Sunday. I like to hear what others are preaching, share back and forth, and just talk preaching. I think that more preachers should share their thoughts with other preachers.

Saturday is the day I do the bulk of my preparation for Sunday’s sermon. I zero in on what God is saying, formulate a thought, and finalize the message. This sometimes happens quickly, other times it’s painfully slow. I enjoy everything about this process.

I’m going to start a new series called  Saturday Sermons.

I’m going to post a message I have preached or am going to preach. My outlines aren’t pretty. I don’t generally type out my verses verbatim, but I will have the scripture referenced. I wish I were better at using illustrations; generally I don’t use any in my notes.

I am a gleaner, and my sermons reflect this. I draw from sharing sessions with other preachers, books, etc. My notes range from brief and concise to lengthy and extensive. My style may not appeal to you at all. In any case, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section.

I will begin each message explaining it’s main thought and will add notes to the reader when there needs to be clarity.

I hope these sermons inspire your heart and mind. Perhaps you’ll glean a thought or two. Preach them word for word if you feel led to do so.

This post will serve as the Table of Contents for the Saturday Sermons series.

  1. Stretching for the Supernatural.
  2. Measured for your new Mantle.
  3. I am Abraham.
  4. Ministering to the Marginalized.
  5. God chose Joseph too.
  6. Creating a Climate Change.
  7. No evidence.
  8. Not Yet – But it’s not over. 
  9. Mandrake Mistake.
  10. Can you see past your present?
  11. The Gospel in a Genealogy.