People have great potential.

September 26, 2011 — Leave a comment

Genesis brings us a rather bleak picture in the opening verses. The earth is without form and void. There is darkness on the face of the deep. Not a very pretty picture. What do you do? I imagine that a lot of people would have preached an eloquent sermon on the darkness. I know most people could come up with some pretty good points on how dark the earth really was. Perhaps they would even talk about how empty and void the cold earth was.

Not God.

God commanded light to appear. He didn’t even mention the flaws, the darkness, or the emptiness; He proclaimed light. In other words, God preached to the earth’s potential, not its problems.

I recently challenged my wife to name any biblical character, Jesus excluded, and I would find fault with them. She named a few, I found fault. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful; I was proving a point to myself. The point was simple; everybody has flaws. I can pick through and tear down all day long and still not be able to avoid the truth that these men and women were mightily used of God. Somebody, somewhere saw beyond the darkness and called out potential.

Why not begin to speak to people’s potential?

Anybody can tear somebody down; but it takes somebody like God to build people up.

Leaders need to speak light more than we condemn darkness. Watch how people perform when they get praised for their potential. Take the next few days to do nothing but speak to potential. Speak to the potential of your children, spouse, and team members. I guarantee a shift will begin to take place.

Light and darkness will begin to separate.

Adjustments will begin to occur.

And the word “good” will be used to describe your day.

Speak to potential. I know somebody spoke to yours – and that made all the difference.