Sermon Recap: Now.

March 26, 2013

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1.Now Faith is … Bible faith is now faith. Faith in the present. Heb 11:1

2. The Faith that led to the lame man’s healing was faith in the Jesus who won. Acts 3:15-16

3. The Key to the whole miracle is the the first word of the story – Now. Acts 3:1

4. We were instructed to pray for daily bread (Matthew 6:11). These instructions point back to the daily manna, given in the wilderness. Manna teaches us that our hunger determines our capacity (Ex 16:17). Manna had an expiration date, it’s only good for one day, you can’t eat tomorrow what was given today (Ex 16:19-20). This manna melted when the Sun came out, you can miss your moment if you don’t live in the now of God (Ex 16:21).

5. The lame man asked for change. The change he received was on a much higher level than he expected. God will always do more than expected Acts 3:3-7.

6. God described Himself as the God that Is, was, and is to come. He wants you to view Him as a present God first. God is! Revelation 1:8

7. The lame man had to let go of his container for coins, in order to grasp the hand of healing. Enlarge your capacity to receive. Let go of the small for the immeasurable. Acts 3:7

8. After being invited to partake of the Well that never runs out, the woman left her water pot. Your capacity needs to be enlarged.Don’t limit the size of your experience with small expectations. John 4:28

9. You will always run out of space before you run out of God’s supply. So Big Faith. Big Prayers. Bold moves. 2 Kings 4:6

10. Peter and John were about to walk into the temple when the man cried. He cried out just before they were inside. Don’t let your moment pass you by. Acts 3:3

11. This was the last hour of prayer. Obviously in a hurry to prayer their scheduled prayer, Peter and John allowed the Spirit to interrupt their schedule. Predetermined plans, can impeded the movement of God’s Spirit. Spirit should always trump schedule. Acts 3:1

12. Faith is not faith in faith. Nor is it faith in human action, or holiness. Faith is from Jesus, to be directed to Jesus, believing in the power of Jesus. Acts 3:16

13. Double portion power was given to Elisha because he didn’t miss the moment of transfer. Elijah said, “If you see me when I am taken.” Miss the moment, miss the miracle. 2 Kings 2:10

14. Israel missed the day of their visitation. While celebrating the shadow (passover), they missed the Lamb (substance). Luke 19:44

15. Israel ate moldy bread and drank from dried up wineskins. While partaking of yesterday’s provision, now expired, they missed what was happening in the now. Joshua 9:14

16. The man with 38 years of infirmity was stuck on past failures, and future season. All the while missing present power. John 5:5-7