My top 5 favorite preachers.

October 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

Preachers are artists. They create and craft relevant material from a very old book. Each preacher is unique. I enjoy listening to preaching. I like every type of preaching and listen to quite a vast array of styles and speakers.

I do have preachers that I tend to listen to more than the rest. I try to decipher how they look at a text. I do more than listen – I learn. How do they expound on a passage? What type of structure do they utilize? What can I learn from their particular style of delivery? I then try to assimilate their best practices into my preaching.

Since this is pastor appreciation month, I thought I would share with you my current list of favorite preachers.

My top 5 list:

1. T. F. Tenney. I listen to every message of his that I can get a hold of. He can bring out a point in scripture like nobody I’ve ever heard. He is the master of one-liners. Any preacher looking for sermon fodder needs to spend some time listening to any TF message.

2. T. D. Jakes. This is a no-brainer. Bishop Jakes has the uncanny ability of unwrapping one story in the bible in an extraordinary fashion. His points are poignant and powerful. Revelation flows throughout every one of his messages. I especially enjoy his messages to pastors. His stuff on leadership is life changing.

3. J. H. Osborne. This man preaches thoughts that I don’t think anybody in our generation has heard of. He can spend an entire message building up to one major point that makes your mind stand and applaud. I love that he preaches a lot from the Old Testament.

4. Mark Morgan. He is another revelation preacher. What sets him apart from the others is the power that accompanies his preaching. He doesn’t use theatrics to get his point across. His points are revelatory and his anointing is heavy.

5. Joel Urshan. He has the best delivery of any preacher I’ve ever heard. He is articulate and studied. He also has the ability to uncover truths that are revelatory. He makes you want to preach better.

Question: Do you have a list?