Mandrake Mistake

March 17, 2012

This is Part 9 of the Saturday Sermons series.

Main Point: This is a message about revival. What does it take to bring forth spiritual fruit? Is there a gimmick? A program? No – it takes a God connection. I don’t add a conclusion, every context is different: therefore, I leave the conclusion to you. Whatever aspect of revival needs focus should get the final push.


TEXT: GENESIS 30:14-23




  1. The bible says while nobody else saw Leah…God did.
  2. He saw she was hated and the Lord opened up her womb. A God connection.
  3. It doesn’t matter what doors are closed to you in the natural…when God opens you up in the spiritual those natural doors are going to open.
  4. #1 Problem: Leah is so concerned about what she doesn’t have that she forgets about what she does have.
  5. She looks right over the tops of her 4 children’s heads and sees Rachel with Jacob.
  6. You need to fall in love with what you do have.
  7. I don’t have the relationship I want, but thank God I am bringing forth Children.
  8. Never let what you don’t have diminish what you do have.
  9. #2 Problem. Rachel envies her sister.
  10. When you are blessed get ready for the adversaries to show up.
  11. Don’t measure yourself by someone else Rachel or you will never be satisfied.
  12. She begins to envy and they both are barren as a result.
  13. Now even Leah is having to birth babies by proxy. Her handmaid.
  14. You want to see a church dry up, let envy get loose
  15. #3 Problem: Rachel wasn’t concerned with the family getting greater, but rather herself getting greater.
  16. I want it for me. The handmaid that hinders revival. It must be about the Kingdom.
  17. #4 Problem: Looking in all the wrong places.
  18. Note: Rachel prays her much quoted prayer Give me Children or I die to Jacob not God. Jacob can’t give you this revival.
  19. Then Rachel gets satisfied with a substitute revival. Her handmaid is having children and she is claiming them as her own.
  20. Finally She feels like she has found Leah’s secret.
  21. Reuben is in the field and finds mandrakes. Rachel finds out about it and feels she has Leah’s secret now.


  1. Much used in so-called love potions.
  2. It was believed that conception was insured by eating it.
  3. It was pleasant to the smell. Or to the senses.
  4. Notice this Mandrake was the byproduct of someone elses harvest.
  5. This must be Leah’s secret.
  6. But in actuality Leah’s secret was the fact that God had opened her womb.
  7. It was God connection.
  8. It is still the same today. There isn’t a gimmick to revival. It takes a God connection.
  9. The root is said to resemble a man.
  10. Genesis 2:8 – and the Lord God planted a garden
  11. Genesis 2:9 – and out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree…
  12. If God plants…it will grow. The root man or God?


  1. Something must have clicked after the mandrakes failed to get her pregnant.
  2. You know Leah has all kinds of time alone. I wonder who she is talking to… Rachel must have realized that Leah had a God connection.
  3. Genesis 30:22 – and God hearkened to her, and opened her womb.
  4. Hearkened – to hear something with ones ears…the God connection.



  1. #1 Moses has climbed a mountain and met God. The people are down on the plain and they want the same thing.
  2. To get God you have to climb.
  3. #2 Aaron calls a work of the fire, what was actually a work of the flesh.
  4. I threw it in the fire and this calf came out.
  5. #3 They wanted a God to go before them. So the bible says they molded a calf.
  6. God was going to go before them on the ark of the Covenant but it was going to require 2 cherubims to be beaten into place before He would show up..
  7. Big difference between being made from a mold. And being beaten into position. A move of God requires some hammering into shape.


  1. Brought me again. Been here before?
  2. The angel gives him a glimpse of what he could have. Then brings him back to the brink or beginning.
  3. Now he doesn’t go with him…its up to you to walk this out.
  4. 1000 cubits they walk and they are only up to the ankles. That can be pretty disheartening.
  5. Are you hungry enuf for the deep that you’ll venture out and walk and walk and walk? Depth takes endurance.
  6. Little by little getting deeper in the things of God. Nothing is going to happen over night.
  7. The deeper you get, the greater the resistance. The water is resisting to a walk the deeper you get.


  1. Starts slow (snow on the Mt. Top) ends fast (Jordan River).
  2. Hermon – devotion.
  3. Starts on the high devoted place.
  4. Devotion starts the flow.


  1. Big difference between Jacob at Bethel scared of Esau. And Jacob at Jabbok scared of Esau.
  2. At Bethel he found God by himself. And had a vision and a vow.
  3. But from Chapter 28 to 32 Jacob learned to get by.
  4. The 2nd time that Esau comes for him:
  5. #1 tries gifts. My gifts will clear the way.
  6. #2 then he tries organization. Splits his group into 3 bands.
  7. Finally prayer produces the powerful outcome.


  1. Chariots failed in Exodus 14:25 when everything dried up.
  2. What is an ornate chariot worth without a horse?
  3. I Kings 10:29  – and a chariot came up and went out of Egypt for six hundred shekels of silver, and an horse for an hundred and fifty:
  4. Solomon was willing to pay more for mechanics than he was power.


  1. Israel gets the mechanics of the Philistines and tries to have a move of God.
  2. This fails and produces death instead of life.
  3. Carts have wheel that go in circles and create ruts.
  4. David you must have men. Put the ark on their shoulders. Thereby getting connected to the God on the ark.
  5. Men connected to God is what brings forth revival.