Loose your preacher and let him go.

September 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

I enjoy studying the Tabernacle of Moses. This Old Testament structure is literally packed full of New Testament truths. However, there is one principle that has been taught that has always tripped me up. It is concerning the High Priest and the Most Holy Place. If the High Priest didn’t follow proper protocol, the bible stated that he would be killed. That I understand. It’s the teaching point that is oft taught about this story that get’s my mind all tied up.

The teaching is that the High Priest had a rope attached to his ankle when he went into the Most Holy Place. If he was killed, the people could pull him out. It makes sense, but the scripture doesn’t back it up. Anywhere.

I think the preacher has too many ropes on him.

Churches need to loose their preacher.

Take the ropes off:

1. Let your preacher dream audaciously.

2. Allow your preacher to preach to sin, and not take it as a personal assault.

3. Allow your preacher to kill some sacred cows. Holy cow hamburgers taste pretty good.

4. Let your preacher be human and don’t crucify him because of it.

5. Let your preacher be spiritual and not be criticized for it.

6. Allow your preacher to comfort and confront, and know that he has your best interests at heart either way.

7. Trust that God is directing him when he repositions personnel.

8. Prevent this new “I’m offended” fad that is all the rage.

Any church that has a pastor that is loosed to follow the Holy Ghost is a church that will see the Kingdom of God in operation on a daily basis.

That is a good thing.