I am Abraham

December 3, 2011 — Leave a comment

 This is part 3 of the Saturday Sermons series.

I Am Abraham. Text: Genesis 17:1-5, 15-17

 Main Point: It’s important to get a revelation of who you are. Abraham received this name when he still just had one kid. His name means ‘Father of a multitude’. Seems like a contradiction. However, every time he said his own name he prophesied to his future. He accepted this name and bought into the destiny that went along with it. We need a revelation of who we are. Speak faith into our future. And recognize that if we are sure of who we are, what we do will reflect that revelation. Being is more important than Doing.

I. New Testament record.

1. It is very interesting that not one New Testament writer every referred to him as Abram, but all called him Abraham. He started out as Abram but was changed by God into Abraham. Heaven remembers us not as we were but as we became.

2. The second truth here is that God always saw him as being Abraham. Even in the beginning when he was still Abram. God can look beyond our present and see our future, and then with the end in mind He goes back and begins to work with us. e.g., Jeremiah 18:3,4; Isaiah 46:10;

II. 2 Spirits that need to be cut off.


1. The name in the Hebrew means Delay.

2. This is a spirit that joins with you in your journey to the promise land and keeps you satisfied for good instead of reaching for great.

3. Terah has no vision from God himself but likes to get out in front of men with vision and slow them down.

4. Delay must die for further progress to be made.

5. Support scripture: Joshua 18:1-4; Deuteronomy 1:6-8; 2 Samuel 3:17-18


1. The name in the Hebrew is veil, or covering.

2. Lot never had an altar, never is seen seeking God in any type of fashion.

3. He represents thinking and acting from a natural standpoint.

4. He views from the mans perspective e.g., Genesis 13:10-11

5. This spirit will always lead to problems in the church e.g., Genesis 13:7-8;

6. The natural way of looking at supernatural things will always be a veil that keeps us from really seeing things Gods way.

7. Scripture Support: 1 Corinthians 2:13-14; James 3:15-17; Jude 18-20; 1 Corinthians 3:3

III. Revelation of God.

1. Genesis 15, Abraham begins to see who and how powerful God really is.

2. The first time the bible records the phrase…and the word of the Lord came…was in regards to Abrahams fear. Faith that conquers fear is based on the word of God.

3. God tells Abraham, I am your shield and exceeding great reward. In other words you get Me and you get it all. The blessings of God are just the offspring of having a relationship with God.

4. Abraham gets his vision enlarged. Genesis 15:2, 5-6.

5. Abraham believes God. Genesis 15:6

IV. Ishmael

1. In spite of the fact that Abraham has received a revelation of God and believed in that God, he still doesn’t believe in himself or his bride.

2. Ishmael his first son is the result of human effort without God.

3. Thus, Ishmael represent religion.

4. What we are celebrating, was it birthed of God or man?

5. What we are feeding, was it birthed of God or man?

6. Hagar whose name means flight, represents the flight from God that has brought us to where we are in organized religion. We have something, but it’s not the promise.

7. Abraham has to get over Ishmael before he can get to Isaac.

8. Scripture Support: Matthew 21:12-13; Matthew 15:8-9; Deuteronomy 12:32; 1 Timothy 1:4; James 1:26-27

V. Name Change.

1. After 13 years of rebellion, God comes to Abraham in the first verse of chapter 17 and instead of bringing condemnation God brings together the threads of promise that remain and weaves them into the fabric of Abrahams being.

2. In verse 5 God tells Abraham in the past tense, I have made thee a father. Being.

3. In verse 6 God tells Abraham in the future tense, I will make thee fruitful. Doing

4. Being in the kingdom of God comes before doing.

5. Being is about who we are. Doing is a result of who we are.

6. It’s a myopic view if all we do is focus on doing and forget that it’s all about being.

7. I am therefore I do.

8. Abram – Abraham – father of a multitude.

9. Sarai – Sarah – princess, queen.

10. How many kids you have Abraham? ONE

11. Sarah tell me about your palace. Well, actually it’s a tent.

12. But give us a few chapters and the production will get underway.

13. But its only after we accept who we are in God when there isn’t much evidence to back it up. We speak about ourselves as being who God said we are.

14. I am Abraham. He never calls himself Abram again.

15. Doesn’t allow the fact that the name and his now don’t match.

16. The more I speak, the more I become.  I am Abraham.

17. Prophecy to your wife. Prophecy to yourself. Prophecy to the land.

18. I am Abraham.