I wish I could find an Evangelist that didn’t care how much they were paid: 2011 Re:Post

December 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

Looking back at some of my top viewed blogs posts of this past year, I’ve decided to Re:Post the most viewed posts for 2011. I was an Evangelist for 8 years, and know the ups and downs associated with this calling. This post is a shout out in their honor. Check it out.

I wish I could find an Evangelist that didn’t care how much they were paid

This is the sentiment of a pastor who doesn’t view the office of an evangelist as equal to that of a pastor.

If you’ve been guilty of echoing this statement: you need to repent of your pride and prejudice.

Evangelists do not get paid enough. Not even close. The standard rate for an evangelist hasn’t gone up since 1995. Truthfully, I haven’t gotten over the fact that there is a standard rate for an evangelist. What about praying and asking God to direct you to bless the man in a way that would honor him and Jesus?

Let me dig a little deeper here. During a series of services with an evangelist, there are going to be people added to the church that will no doubt increase the giving of that church. Further more, often times the Spirit will direct an evangelist to take up a sacrificial offering for the church (the purpose of which is to break the barrier of bowing to the blessed dollar in order to have God flex His power); thousands of dollars start flowing into the church that weren’t there before: does the evangelist get a cut of this? Why not? He should. And that should be on top of what you were going to pay him.

Voiced often is the complaint that certain evangelists only preach at the churches that pay well. Is that a problem? Why aren’t you one of those churches? Remember that Jesus could do no great work at Nazareth because they didn’t honor Him. At a church that benefits from a ministry but doesn’t in turn honor the minister financially; that minister has no real open door to maximize his God gifted gifting. I don’t believe that God will allow you to reap the deeper levels of the evangelist’s ministry if you hold back on the dollars. 

Most evangelists drive to their meetings. Are they getting reimbursed for their travel expenses? Not to mention the costs of insurance, clothing, dry cleaning, etc.

Others focus on the fact that the evangelist’s meals are taken care of by the church during their stay. So are the pastors.

The church covers the hotel: but the pastor is sleeping in his own bed.

A pastor can cancel a scheduled revival with ease. But if an evangelist has to cancel, the phone conversation heats up, and everybody they know hears about it.

Pastors that preach out are getting paid from their church and the church they are preaching for. That’s fair; but paying an evangelist double what you would normally pay them is radical?

Sometimes the pastor forgets to pay altogether and ends up mailing the check a few days later. Unprofessional and dishonorable. Not to mention the hassle and anxiety that is added to the already stressed out evangelist.

These are just a few of the thoughts that have been running through my brain for the last few hours. Plenty was left unsaid.

Evangelists should seek to provide for their families to the best of their ability. That’s not a sin.

We do edge a lot closer to sin when we don’t honor the evangelist with our finances. Quit griping about the evangelist and start giving in abundance.

Until then- go ahead and let their wives sell goods on your tables because they aren’t making enough money.