Give me the ball!

April 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

NBA playoffs are always a great time.  The best teams vying for the national title in professional basketball.  There is something about these great teams competing against each other that equals nail biting finishes.  Already there have been quite a few games that have been won in the final seconds.

The final shot in a close game will generally determine whether your team’s season is over or if you make it to the next round.  Down by two, 1.4 seconds left, and the team is gathered together for one final timeout.  Who shoots that last shot?  Who wants to have the ball for perhaps the single most important shot of the year?  Usually there is a leader on the team that is dying to take that last shot.  That kind of guy is awesome.  Give me the ball, I can make it.

Leaders like that are indispensable.  Bring on the pressure and the challenge; I was born to take that last shot.

I think this translates well into the church realm.  We need leaders that are high-pressure producers.  They want the ball.  They rise to the challenges that come with growing a church.  These kind of leaders are generally team leaders that are not afraid to take risks.  They feel like that if they step out by faith that God will in turn step up and work.  Give me the ball.  We may miss that shot; but we will know that we did all we could to advance His kingdom.  But then again, we may nail that shot and move our team into a whole new dimension.

As the seconds tick down on God’s time clock,  give us some leaders that want the ball in their hands.