Fuel the Fire

May 24, 2011 — Leave a comment

Paul is soaking wet, having just washed up on the shore at Melita.  The barbarous people shewed Paul no little kindness for they kindled a fire and received everyone that washed up on shore.  Shipwrecked people need warmth and comfort.  The world is cold and hardships are continually raining down.  People exposed to this environment are generally open to a warm invitation.  I am thankful that many churches do receive with open arms the battered and shipwrecked.

Paul, being the great leader he is, stands around the fire for a little while, and then gets an armful of wood and adds fuel to the fire.  What a ministry.  He doesn’t mention any lack of flame.  He doesn’t question the methods used in starting the fire.  All he does is make the fire hotter than he found it.

This attitude needs to reside in every local church.  I am not going to complain about a perceived lack of flame.  Rather I am going to add fuel to the fire, thereby, making the fire hotter, while also contributing instead of consuming.

Add Fuel By:

1. Preaching with your pastor.

2. Sing and worship on another level during your worship experience.

3. Start the Spirit’s flow in your row.

4. Add your presence to a fledging ministry of the church.

5. Pray for your leadership.

6. Give your time, talent, and treasure to your church.

7. Offer to use the extra space in your vehicle to pick up guests for service.

8. Come early to every service for prayer.

9. Use your words to encourage other leaders.

10. Be open to Spirit – led giving.

11. Initiate, initiate, initiate.