Effective Epistles

May 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

I love reading the epistles written by Paul.  Obviously, they are inspired and inspiring.  One of the easy things to pass over is that most of the epistles were follow up letters written to churches that he had visited in the past.  Mainly, Paul was writing to make sure the churches were doing what he had told them to do.

I think this aspect of leadership is very important and oft overlooked in the local church.  I find myself forgetting to follow up a lot.  I do this for a living, and forget that other people have their regular jobs on their mind, plus a million other things.

To have an effective meeting, you have to have delegated responsibilities.  Otherwise, it was a meeting that could have happened over the phone or via email.  The who will do what by when, is perhaps the most important part of the meeting.

I have learned that follow up emails, text messages, and phone calls are absolutely necessary for the operation of any given team.  It is so simple, but so easily forgotten.

If this step isn’t executed, it can easily lead you to irritation land.  I have gotten irritated because a project wasn’t accomplished, only to realize that I hadn’t been clear about who was doing what by when.  As a team leader you cannot be too clear.

Each team member should get a reminder email, etc., before they serve on Sunday.  Calendars are necessary, but not always efficient.  The follow up, is the easy way to proactively fend off any misunderstandings as to the delegated responsibilities of your team.

So write an epistle every week.  Follow up on every meeting and delegated task.  This will make your team run a lot smoother.