What Metrics does your Church measure?

September 17, 2012

What metrics does your church focus on?

David was a man of war. Through his conquests, the kingdom of Israel was expanded, and the nation was unified.

I can’t find a single battle that David lost (Other than the obvious battles with his own flesh). That’s a pretty astounding record.

Obviously, in battle, some of David’s warriors were killed. Loss that would weigh heavy on the minds of family members left behind and fellow soldiers alike.

However, the moral of Israel was that of victory and only victory.

The losses were never counted. The wins were celebrated radically.

As a brilliant strategist, I know that David counted losses: they just didn’t show up in the eternal record.

Perhaps our wins would increase if we celebrated our wins radically.

Don’t focus on losses. That myopic view seems to lead to defensive strategies and plans that hoard what is left. You start playing not to lose.

Play to win.

Fuel future wins by celebrating past wins.

David knew he could defeat the giant because God had already helped him defeat a bear and lion.

In any given Sunday service there are going to mishaps and miscues. The sound isn’t just right, or the handout has a typo. In that same service, the worship team might nail their songs, with all people entering into engaged worship to One. Perhaps 5 or 6 people experienced Jesus as their personal Savior.

What are you going to focus on?

Are you going to highlight the typo on the big screen, or the testimonies of salvation?

Celebrate wins!