The big mistake I made Sunday

November 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

This morning was frosty and chilly. The newspaper was ice cold and the brisk air was uninviting.

I decided at 5 a.m. to dress for the elements. I wore jeans, a sweater and dress shirt, and donned my thick corduroy jacket.

When I left for church some hours later, the temperature was quickly rising. The frost was gone and my eyebrows weren’t frozen anymore. It was actually about 20 degrees warmer.

By the time I took the pulpit, I was sweaty and overheating. While preaching I made a personal note to not decide at 5 a.m. how I was going to dress for 10:30 a.m.

Have you ever done any planning after that fashion?

Based off of changing conditions you prepare for circumstances that have already changed for the better.

You don’t plan according to the afternoon heat; you dress yourself for what you felt at 5 a.m.

The economy is spiraling downward so you decide you cannot possibly give that sacrificial offering that God whispered into your spirit. So you don’t. You make that decision based on what is – not what will be.

God tells you to preach to unbelievers. Since you haven’t had guests in so long you decide to preach to the saints. When you arrive at church you are surprised to see the vast crowd of guests clamoring to hear a life-changing message. The message you have in your bible is perfect for yesterday’s crowd. However, the conditions have changed.

You walk right by your co-worker and go about your daily business. You have asked her to visit your church before, and have always been denied. What’s the point? Her reception of your invitation has always been chilly. What you don’t know is that her husband just filed for divorce. Her life has been turned upside down by one Facebook message she was never supposed to read. She could hardly get her face on to go to work today. The temperature has changed. You weren’t prepared because you dressed for a colder climate.

The spirit world we are apart of is one that requires daily faith. It places wholesale value on optimistic people. The winners are those that prepare according to what will be, as opposed to what is.

Our church should begin to structure itself based on what will be.

Your spouse should be introduced to the husband that you want to be.

Start building that resume.

Ask the whole gang to a bible study.

Invite your neighbors to a Matthew party.

It’s a different day. Dress accordingly.