The best advice you’ll ever get: Do away with they

February 16, 2012

They are a nuisance.

They pop up in conversation.

They start rumors.

They have strong opinions.

They hide behind anonymity.

They who?

They are the voices that have no name. They have serious influence.

They must be a group of hundreds. Nobody knows who they are, or how many there are. We just know that they have some serious pull.

They are everywhere

They make their way into staff meetings, counseling sessions, and water fountain chats.

They influence policy changes, staff alignment, and church culture.

At least they used to.

They no longer have a voice at ConnectPoint.

No They!

If you can’t name your source, I won’t listen to you until you can.

They aren’t allowed in our staff meetings.

They aren’t allowed in my counseling sessions.

They don’t get their emails read.

They don’t get their comments posted.

They no longer have a voice.