Pastor’s are today’s apothecary: chemistry creates the flow

January 25, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’m learning the art of the apothecary. It’s the most important job that I have as a leader of leaders.

Team leadership is all about chemistry. I will never sacrifice that for talent.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of talent you bring to the table, if those at the table aren’t loyal to each other, respect each other, and like each other: your team isn’t a team.

Resurrecting an old art form

In the Old Testament the apothecary created both the anointing oil and the incense for worship. The details are worth delving into.

  1. The anointing oil was made with 4 spices and olive oil.
  2. The incense for worship was made with 4 spices.
  3. These spices were gathered from lands foreign to Israel. A journey was required to obtain them. Before these spices were used for ministry, they first had to journey. Anybody that is going to be on a leadership team must be journeying towards glory.
  4. Each of these spices was precious by themselves and could stand-alone and make an impact. However, to minister effectively they had to be mixed with other spices. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  5. They were broken, and blended together. The Bible describes this process as being tempered together. Great teams can go through trials together and suffer as a unit. This doesn’t diminish their impact; it serves to intensify their ministry.
  6. They were to be made small. Team ministry is equals working with equals.
  7. Applying heat to the mixture of spices and oil produced the anointing. This was the apothecary’s art. He set the heat at the perfect temperature. This heat wasn’t too strong or too weak. The first would burn out the mixture and the second wouldn’t activate the flow. The temperature was set so that chemistry would produce a substance that flowed.

The Pastor/Apothecary

That’s my job. If I master the chemistry, it will create a ministry that flows. Chemistry transformed 48 pounds of powder and 1 gallon of oil into a substance that flowed. Don’t underestimate the power of chemistry.

I think that there is an art to this. It’s different for every context. It requires a lot of mental math and trial and error.

I wish I had the perfect equation to present to you. I don’t. I can tell you what we do.

  • We laugh a lot. We are focused and have fun too.
  • We help each other through hard times.
  • We challenge each other to be better.
  • We are family.
  • We believe in inside jokes.
  • We are honest with each other.
  • We are confidential.
  • We are transparent.
  • We honor each other till it’s awkward.

That’s the short list. I love my crew.

I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter if you blow us all away with your talent. If you don’t mix with the team – you don’t lead.

Chemistry directly affects the anointing and real worship.

If you can laugh with us, you can lead with us.