Ventilate vertically

April 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

I’m sure that in the last few days somebody has said or done something to you that is very upsetting.  Perhaps you are dealing with a team member that is constantly dropping the ball.  Maybe your spouse is pressing all the right buttons and driving you crazy.  Or it could be a saint in the church that is belittling you and your ministry.

Before you take any action, before you blow a fuse and come unglued, try this trick.  I have found a little simple trick that I actually learned from David.  The trick?  Ventilate vertically.

Tell God your frustrations.  Scream out to Him if you want to.  He is never surprised or upset by your anger, hurt, insecurity, or any other emotions.  God cares.  God helps.

King David was the master of this.  Have you ever noticed how many of the Psalms are really David unloading his fear, anger, and other emotional issues on God?  Seriously, take the time to write down how many times David takes his fiery feelings to God.

I also noticed that David rarely, if ever had a face to face blow up with anybody.  I never really see him lose it with anybody.  I think the secret is in the fact that David would vent to God first.  And in this venting there was release and clarity.  Once the load was loosed, David could use godly wisdom and understanding.

Actually what the bible really states to us in James 4:1-2,  is that we wouldn’t have so much discord if we would learn how to think vertically before we acted horizontally.  If an individual vents vertically to God in prayer, there will be more harmony horizontally with people.

So go ahead and tell that person off to God. He will listen.  And you will probably be able to act in a godly manner, instead of with the overflow of human emotion.