The Meekest Man?

April 8, 2011 — Leave a comment

God uses people and their gifting.  God doesn’t need to use my gift.  These are two statements that may seem to contradict each other, but in actuality they are both true.  It is one of the first lessons anyone in leadership needs to wrap their minds around.  God has chosen to work through earthen vessels just like us.  However, the success of His kingdom isn’t contingent upon my specific set of talents or abilities.

God used donkeys, worms, and fish to accomplish His purposes.  So it’s really not a big deal if He is using what I have to offer.  When we allow the pride of life to manifest in us, we are actually bogging down Jesus, not helping Him.  Truthfully, we diminish what could have been done through us, because God will find somebody that is willing to give Him all the glory.

He exalts those that sit in a low place.  The bible says that if we are willing to humble ourselves, we will be lifted up.  I’ve learned that if I don’t humble myself, somebody will.  And I’ve also learned it’s a whole lot less painful if I do it.

It’s interesting to me that the bible calls Moses the meekest man that lived.  In my opinion, he doesn’t start out that way.  He starts out in pride.

Here, let me deliver these Israelites one Egyptian at a time.  I can do this all by myself.  Therefore, the first 80 years of his life are covered in the first 2 chapters of Exodus.  Pride has a way of shortening the story.

When we read of Moses in chapter 3, it is a brand new humble Moses.  No longer is he confident in his own abilities.  Now it is all about God’s strength working through him.  Amazingly, the final 40 years of Moses’ life story take up the rest of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  Quite a difference between the first 80 and the final 40.  God can do a whole lot more through somebody that is humble.

There isn’t anything wrong with being confident in your abilities and talents.  But always remember, God doesn’t need me, and I can’t do anything productive in His kingdom without Him.