The speed of sin.

July 29, 2011 — Leave a comment

Proverbs 1:10My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.

Proverbs 1:15My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path.

Proverbs 1:16For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood.

When considering sin and the devil, images of long tails, pitchforks, and dragons readily spring to mind. We consider the concrete creations of sin, such as the homeless addict, the prostitute, and the murderer. These are the postmortem of sins punishment, but they are not the precursor.

Sin doesn’t start out dark and debase. Usually it begins very innocently: not unlike Eve just having a conversation with a spectacular talking creature. Sin may be conceived through a seeming harmless lunch date with an attractive co-worker. Maybe you decide to have a few drinks with some friends while watching UFC. Or bored at work you begin to browse a few websites, they aren’t hardcore, but they begin to whet your lust for more.

Sin may begin to show itself in your life by the group of friends you choose to associate with. Perhaps you choose to be dishonest in a business deal, nothing major of course, but it begins. You tell your first lie, or smoke a little pot, or post questionable pictures on Facebook. These examples don’t appear to be grotesque, but rest assured, they are game changers.

Solomon taught his son the danger of sin. The important illustration he used illuminates the pace of sin. Sin begins as a walk. While walking I can easily adjust my momentum. But the old adage is things in motion tend to stay in motion. However, to the sinner, walking isn’t anything too radical or risky yet; but the rhythmic revolutions soon pick up speed. Sin starts as a walk and soon transitions into a run.

Bypassing jogging, the sinner is now in a full out sprint. His feet are making haste toward hells haunt. It’s much harder to stop now. It seemed like just yesterday you were social drinking and now you are drinking on the job. You used to just flirt back and forth but now you are getting hotel rooms and lying to your spouse. In the beginning you just smoked a little but now you are blowing through a pack a day.

It all happened in a flash. Sin picks up speed. You probably will never experience the jogging phase of sin. Sin skips the usual steps. Sin isn’t a marathon it’s a sprint. Conversely the Christian race is a marathon; God wants you to endure for a lifetime. Sin is a sprint, it wears you down quickly; you weren’t made to last long running this race.

The finish line of this race has a dark ribbon of regrets. The medal is a weight around your neck that weighs you down and keeps you low. You’ll never get a trophy placed in your hands because you are the trophy – a trophy of hell. The onlookers in the crowd aren’t cheering, rather they are crying. Your family is in the crowd of onlookers, so is your pastor, and your Christian friends; a great gulf is between you and them, all because of the race you are running. Their voices are echoing around life’s stadium, but they can longer get through to you. All of your best years, energy, and creativity are spent running a race you cannot possibly win.

It all started as a harmless walk and has ended up in a horrendous race. Sin picks up speed. That’s why you shouldn’t take your first step in sin.

David’s little peek at a bathing woman led to betrayal and murder. Lot just pitched his tent toward Sodom and suddenly he is stuck in the middle of that sinful city. Judas fell in love with money and ultimately sold out his Jesus for more. Herod sat back and enjoyed a dance but then had to pay the dancer.

Sin starts slow but ends out of control. It sets a perilous pace on a pathway to punishment and peril. Therefore, preempt this process by not taking your first sinful step.