April 22, 2011 — Leave a comment

Sometimes life has a way of clouding our vision.  A fast paced life, plus all the technology that interrupts daily life, can cause people to end up with their priorities upside down.  Jobs, hobbies, friends, events, all have the ability to become a priority over our devotion to Jesus.  Whether you start missing Wednesday night services, or have to cancel your volunteer opportunities, it all begins to lead a person on a downward spiral away from Jesus.  So sometimes to get our attention Jesus has to cause you to SEE.

SEE is a Significant Emotional Event.

SEE creates clarity.

There is nothing quite like a significant emotional event to clear up your vision.  Your wife is suddenly in the hospital and you turn your focus back on Jesus.  Perhaps your marriage is tattered and frayed and you realize that only Jesus is going to save it.  Or maybe your family is all disconnected and dad steps up and begins to pastor and shepherd them back to Jesus.  You lose your job and clarity comes to you again as you understand the only firm foundation is Jesus.

I think sometimes that Jesus allows us to go through these seeing moments so that our clarity can be restored.  If you find yourself in one of these events, perhaps you need to step back and take inventory of your life.  Is Jesus still the center of your life?  Have you allowed the clutter to cut Jesus out of the picture?  Do you need to re-prioritize your life?  Is your significant emotional event a wake up call for you?

As a disciple of Jesus we are called to: (1) walk with Christ, (2) be equipped to live like Christ, (3) be sent to work for Christ.  If any of these three aspects are lacking in your life you are losing clarity.  Take some time to refocus, and put Jesus back in the picture.