Season Shift

March 1, 2013

A sure sign that winter is upon us is the absence of little tykes on bikes. When winter again gives way to spring (soon), you will know it by the amount of bicycles back out on pavement.

In the meantime, the bike is put away in the garage and the endless energy of children is focused elsewhere … mainly tearing up the house.

Stuck in Winter

A few winters ago I was ministering for a friend in Anchorage, AK. We were in the middle of below freezing temps, and already pining for warmer days. Usually during these cold times a person buys things for winter play such as sleds, snow boots, etc.

In the middle of this dark, cold, unending January, the Pastor’s son was given a gift card for Toys-R-Us. If it were I, I would have bought something for winter – like a sled; but this guy spent his card on a bicycle.

In winter.

In Alaskan winter.

The snow wouldn’t be melting for at least 3 months. He can’t use that bike in winter. The bicycle is going to be parked and admired in the garage for 3 whole months.

I couldn’t do it. I want something now.

Not him.

He knew the season was going to change eventually. He bought into the fact the season was going to change.

Your season will shift

I read in the Book of Jeremiah Chapter 32 where God instructed him to buy property, right before he went into bondage and therefore lost all his land. Buy land that you are going to lose because of bondage.

But God told Jeremiah one day you will come back to this land. One day your season of bondage is going to be over. The land will be restored to you when your season shifts. Jeremiah was challenged to buy into the prophecy of God.

You may be in bondage now but do you believe that your season is getting ready to change? Do you believe it so much that you will invest into a new season?

I get strengthened every time I think about that winter in Alaska when a child invested in a season shift.

It’s time now for you to buy into the promises of God.

My season is shifting!