Save the Children!

July 12, 2011 — Leave a comment

Lot had a pretty impressive visitation of the Spirit in his home one special day (Genesis 19:1-11). Angels literally came to his house to get him and his family out of the city of Sodom. Lot didn’t heed the urgency of the message and asked these angels to come inside for the night.

The wicked men of the city, consumed by their unnatural lust, surrounded the house, crying for Lot to give them these angelic visitors. Their intentions were not good. The situation was getting out of control, and Lot made a horrible decision.

Lot offered these men his two virgin daughters in place of the angels. In order to maintain this spiritual experience; he was willing to give the crowd his daughters to consume however they wished with their insatiable lust. Unreal.

There are spiritual enemies surrounding cities and houses trying to stop the spiritual movement you are currently a part of. Not unlike Lot, you have a decision to make: to stop their assault, who are you going to give to this crowd? The short answer? Neither.

The adversaries were already beating on the door, and couldn’t get through. They were struck with blindness, and eventually grew weary trying to get to the door. Now they couldn’t even find the access point into the house. Refusing to give anything to this lustful group is always the right answer. However, many choose one or the other.

First of all society and spirits do not have the authority to bust down your door and steal from you any spiritual experience. As long as the door remains shut, they will remain outside. Sure they may threaten, intimidate, and over-stay their welcome – but they will never get in. Keep that door shut. Never trade away angels for acceptance.

Secondly, in the name of spirituality, many people willingly offer their children on the altar of apostolic movement. Their concern is spiritual gifting, spiritual experience, and not the purity of their children. To choose a spiritual encounter over your own children is insanity.

This plays out in many different ways: 

1. This may be the parents that continually serve in the church but never take their children with them.

2. This could be the pastor that to appease a legalistic crowd, turns his back on his own backslidden children.

3. This may be the pastor who is so concerned with other people; he forgets to pastor his own babies.

4. This could be the street preacher who brings the homeless, hopeless, and heroin addicts into their home, in the name of ministry, and leaves their children unprotected throughout the night.

5. This could be the greener pastures seeker who never really settles in a church. Always looking for the perfect church. As a result their children become disgruntled with constant displacement and decide they don’t want anything to do with church.

6. This could be the dad who blindly follows his leader. Listening to every new rule and regulation as if it is right from the throne room of God. Being told what job to take, who to stay married to, what people they can be friends with, etc. The kids are destroyed by this lust of the flesh.

7. This could be the dad who is always receiving new revelation concerning their salvation experience. It’s flowing from their favorite online site, and surely must be truth. With no biblical backing, the kids never become grounded. Dad feels smart, but the children are sold short.

8. This may be the family who sells all they have to travel in a marked car propagating the gospel of Jesus’ imminent return in October.

9. This could even be the family called to serve, but who would rather lead their own church. They have the answers, the strategy, and the concern, but no call.

10. This may be the individual who receives visions every time they pray. And hears from God about how wrong the pastor is, how wrong the staff is, and what really needs to happen in their church. They talk about their newfound revelation at the dinner table, and in the family room, but never in the pastor’s office. The kids learn to disdain leadership and again, a spiritual experience costs somebody their children.

Never step into Lot’s shoes. It’s no wonder many of his family stayed in a city soon to be destroyed. They knew where they were on their father’s value ladder – far below angels.