Do you believe a 90 year old could have a baby?

July 16, 2012

God regularly blows our finite minds with His infinite power.

He comes through for us with such power and glory; He does incredible works that often leave us incredulous.

Abraham and Sarah, well into their senior years, became parents of their promised child Isaac.

Of course they didn’t just become parents. The process that led to this child was 25 years long. These 25 years were filled with faltering, failing, and faithless actions. The important thing to gain from their experience is that they never disqualified themselves from their destiny by being human.

God knows our weaknesses. He understands our tendency to lean toward what we can do instead of reaching for what only He can do. The gap between promises spoken and promises given must be filled with our faith. Some days this faith may cause us to get back on our feet after a failure. Other times this faith may be heard in prayers that recite our promises in God’s hearing. It’s of utmost importance that we as disciples don’t lose our faith.

God came through. He always does.

Isaac was born. Sarah was filled with laughter.


As Sarah reminisced on the ridiculous prospect of a 90 year old becoming a mother, she asked herself a question.

Genesis 21:7 – And she said, Who would have said unto Abraham, that Sarah should have given children suck? For I have born him a son in his old age.

The answer to her question – nobody.

Nobody would have thought that Sarah should have born a son at 90.


Looking back at your life, noticing all the instances of God’s workings, how many times did you get a miracle that others thought should have happened?

  • How many phone calls did you get that strengthened your faith?
  • Did your Abraham believe in you?
  • Did you believe in yourself?

Perhaps there would be more miracles in our historical record if we could answer Sarah’s question with a resounding yes!

  • Yes, my Abraham believed in me.
  • Yes, my church encouraged my faith.
  • Yes, my friends weren’t surprised when my miracle came.

Let’s not forget the God we serve. He is able to do. That’s enough.

How about we buy into each other’s miracles? Call them on the phone and speak life and not death.

Let’s say it can happen. It is possible.

I want to be one that hears the impossible and believes it’s possible.