From Religion to Relationship

April 4, 2011 — Leave a comment

John 16:1-3 records Jesus telling His disciples a paradox.  The Paradox?  People are going to kill Jesus’ disciples, and claim they are doing it for Jesus.  How could somebody get so whacked in the head that they would think that God is pleased with them destroying His people?  Religion … that’s how.

Paul, is one of the clearest examples of this scripture coming to pass.  Back when he was still called Saul, he went around the country throwing disciples in prison and even having them killed.  And he did this with the authority of the High Priest.  Moreover, Saul did all of it for God, in the name of religion.

Saul loved God, but didn’t know God.
Saul believed in God, but didn’t know God.
Saul studied God’s word, but didn’t know God.
Saul worked for the church, but never was introduced to it’s founder.

Jesus told His disciples that day, that these things will be done unto you, because they have not known me.  Relationship is the key.  Knowing Jesus changes everything.

People that know Jesus don’t destroy, they develop.  They don’t just know the bible, they know the author.  They don’t just talk about Jesus … they act like Him.

One of the greatest transformations in the entire bible starts in Acts chapter 9.  This religious zealot Saul, gets introduced to Jesus.  His name is changed to Paul.  And Paul spends the rest of his life getting to know Jesus.  It’s a transformation we all need to go through.  Remember, religion leads to death, relationship leads to life everlasting.